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My favorite places to check out on Oahu from a local

Here are a few of my favorite places I like to go to every time I go back to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Great place to catch up with my high school friends and watch the sunset in Waikiki

1) Sky Waikiki

This is a great place to get some drinks with friends and enjoy an amazing view with friends. Drinks are a bit on the pricy side but I think it’s worth it for the atmosphere and view. They also have happy hour from 5–7 (only for certain drinks) but be sure to make reservations or come early cause it gets packed around that time. Also a side note they only allow a 90 minute use since lots of people are trying to come here.

I love the interior of Maui Brewing Co

2. Maui Brewing Co

Right near Sky this is just a great place to meet up with people and just hang out. They have live music if you go at the right time and it’s never TOO loud like how certain places can be a bit much. Lastly I’m not a huge beer drinker but I do like their beers a lot and they brew them right there and even have a Keihei (place in Maui) tasting room to try out all of their flavors.

Great place for music lovers

3. Republik

This is one of the few places you can go to see a big musician play, I know this is fairly new because I’ve never been to this place when I did live in Hawaii but have always read about it when my artists where coming to town. I really like the size of the venue and I feel like most of the people that go to this event go to see their favorite artist so it’s a good crowd.

This place has 900 seats so you’ll always be able to find a seat

4. Shirokiya Japanese Village

This is fairly new it used to be a large shopping area but they moved it downstairs and just kept it as a food court and I have to say I like it a lot more now. It’s kind of like stepping into a Japanese food court they have somewhere around 40–50 kiosks that serve different Japanese dishes such as Ramen, Takoyaki, Crunchy Tonkatsu and more not to mention other non Japanese dishes such as crepes and baked goods. Did I mention they have $1 beers? I’ve never been to a place that offers beers that cheap!

That’s all I have for now I’m sure I’ll add more the longer I stay in Hawaii I feel like they are constantly opening tons of new great places everywhere, these are just a few of mine. Feel free to let me know about your favorite places!

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