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First time traveling solo on a one way ticket

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

and what I want to gain from this.

Day 2 of my Solo Travels

Well I’m gonna try my best to record this experience as best as I can. I made the decision to buy a one way ticket to Spain after a broken heart and to sort of figure out the rest as it goes and just embrace the unknown.

My list of things I want to gain from this experience

  • Grow as a person

  • Meet all sorts of people with different backgrounds and stories

  • To create unforgettable memories I can look back on

  • To understand and learn more about myself as a person

  • To get inspired artistically and creatively

In Conclusion

One thing I’m starting to realize is that your never gonna be fully ready to go but you go anyways most people have no idea what they’re doing but they go and take that first step or they miss the chance.

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