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Pros and Cons of Solo Traveling and Working remotely

Me traveling solo :)


You never quite feel at home

You know that feeling of coming home sitting on the couch and just relaxing it’s kind of hard to have that feeling when you know you’ll only be in that place for a week or 2. Why even unpack or put things in the drawers ,you’ll be gone just as soon as you arrive. Exploring all day is so exciting but it does suck coming back to different places every time and not really getting that “I’m at home” feeling.

It can get very lonely

This is probably the toughest for me, I’m used to coming home to family and hanging out with friends on the weekend but because I’m always on the go and in different places it’s tough to make friends especially the friends that you grow close to. With the extreme time difference I have to deal with I can sometimes go days not talking to friends or family because our time schedules don’t sync up at all. It’s tough at first but it's definitely something most solo travelers will go through and just something to be prepared for, just know it won’t be forever and it’s an adventure that you can always look back on and be happy that you did it when looking back on it.

It can get very tiring and overwhelming

Working and exploring can definitely get very tiring. When I was working remotely at home it was so chill I just stayed home most of the day and didn’t really leave the house but now that I’m in a beautiful foreign country I have to explore and see everything while working. Just know it’s completely ok to take days off to do nothing. It was hard for me to realize that at first but after being overwhelmed and bedridden for multiple days, I realized this is something I need to make sure I do and make time for while I travel.

It requires a lot of planning and work

Continuously traveling requires you to be highly organized and always on time on your schedules. You can’t accidentally miss a plane or be late to a train. I didn’t realize how much work was put into planning trips until I actually had to do it. I always have to make sure the locations were right, the museums were open, the train stations weren’t too far from the Airbnb’s etc. I was never too much of a planner but traveling had made me highly organized. My calendar is filled now so I don’t forget what I need to be doing at all times and has made me much more aware as a person.

The Louvre


You get to see the world!

This is the obvious one but I’m still gonna say it you get to travel and go wherever you wanna go. You go to the beat of your own drum and it is so exciting planning the next trip, you just feel so free and alive doing it.

You are not in an office and you can work wherever you want

It’s so much fun working in different hip coffee shops, or just walking from my bed to my laptop or even just working in my bed. Not having to deal with a commute (and my commute used to be 1.5 hours) is truly a dream come true and feels so nice.

Everyday feels different

People usually create a daily rhythm in life that they go to but with traveling and working remotely everyday feels different and you do different things. One day you may go to the museum, the next your vintage shopping. It’s so exciting and there’s never a dull moment.

You get chills with certain things

When I land in a new location or see a mind blowing piece of art or taste some amazing dish I literally get chills down my spine. I call it wanderlust or I guess it could be goosebumps but it is something you may get while traveling and it is such a special unforgettable experience.

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Ari - I just found the blog - I LOVE your descriptions of the travel experience - from all angles!

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