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10 reasons why you shouldn’t go to Paris

After enjoying a wonderful time in fun vibrant Barcelona and beautiful calm Madrid I was so ready and excited to go to Paris. The first time I went to Paris I was 14 and it was with my high school class. We went around France for 2 weeks and were only in Paris for 3 days. So I gave myself 3 weeks to really get to know the city and explore it and I have to say I’m incredibly disappointed I really wish I chose another place to stay. So here are my top reasons why you shouldn’t go to Paris and why I didn’t have any fun.

The train system sucks is super confusing

Wow! Talk about a clusterfuck, literally crowds of people running around in the station with confusing signs that don’t make sense everywhere you go, and no ones around to help especially if your American. I even tried asking the attendants in train vests who I thought would be helpful but seemed even more confused then me when I asked them for directions (it was probably because they don’t speak English and hate Americans) I can’t count how many times I went the wrong way while I was in Paris.

The WiFi sucks everywhere

I don’t know if it’s just me and my phone but WOW the internet sucks BIG TIME. Everywhere I went my Internet dropped much more than Spain. I wasn’t able to look things up or open my apps while walking around. Even the coffee shops I went to with wifi didn’t have the best internet. It just seems like it’s not a big deal in Paris but I need my.

It’s crowded everywhere you go

If you like crowds with lots of confused lost people and big long lines everywhere you go then Paris is the place for you to go. Anywhere you go whether it’s a museum, a fancy restaurant, the train stations etc. expect lots of people bumping into you being extra rude and pretending you don’t exist because that’s what it’s like in Paris.

It stinks smells like a mix of piss and cigarettesI guess this one is not a surprise, everyone knows that it’s a thing to smoke in Paris so of course wherever you go be ready to smell immense smells of cigarettes wherever you go. I have to say though I was surprised by the extensive stench of piss wherever I went. There were times I honestly felt like puking because the odor was so dreadful and strong.

People are cold and keep to themselvesI guess I really felt this coming from warm and friendly Madrid but the people are just so depressed and cold here. I got this vibe of “my life sucks” “don’t talk to me” and “I’m too busy” type of vibe, it even felt worse than New York and San Francisco. Not to mention this stuck up sort of attitude like “I’m better than you” it just wasn’t pleasant at all.

Everything is super expensive

Paris is already known for being incredibly expensive but being there I was blown away by the prices of everything and I have been living in San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in America.

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