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Advice and tips for a first time remote worker planning to travel solo

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

(From my personal experience)

Parque Dalieda De San Francisco

Book your Airbnb’s Early!

I personally use Airbnb only because it’s cheap and I work strange hours so it doesn’t really work well with hostels and single hotels rooms are just too expensive for me. Anyways I recommend booking at LEAST 1 month in advance. At the beginning of my trip I was booking my Airbnb’s 2 weeks in advance and the locations weren’t that great, with only a few room options for what I needed left (which wasn’t much just a private desk and some WiFi) which made it very stressful, so I started looking further in time like a month into my trip and WOW the room options were got much BETTER (amazing location, excellent reviews, added utilities etc.) Airbnb’s get booked very fast and I think most people seem to book 1–2 months in advance so if you want the good rooms with a great location definitely be sure to book early!

Put your address in your notes “just in case”

I can’t even count how many times this has helped me. Where I couldn’t find my address in my email or it wasn’t showing up in google maps which has happened quite often (possibly the language barrier) so just knowing I had my address locked in my notes really gave me peace of mind. I felt like I was never lost!

Have a go to thing as downtime

Working remotely and traveling you will have a lot of times where you will be waiting (at the airport, train station etc.) so it’s good to have something as downtime, something like reading, writing mine would be drawing and that has helped me so much. I spent a lot of time waiting at train stations, airports, or even just sitting in coffee shops and it just helps to pass the time and even relax when I start to feel anxious.

Make time to just lay down and zone out in bed

My first week I went a little stir crazy, I was like “WOW I’m in BARCELONA I need to do EVERYTHING!” and I walked around all day for hours for the first week. I walked so much I got a blister on my foot that bled through my socks! Anyways the next week I felt so zoned out I really think I pushed myself way too hard and I know that feeling that you just wanna do everything and see everything but making the time after a full day of exploring to just do nothing, relax, and think about the day has helped me so much. I try to plan out at least an hour to lay down and rest before starting to work or my brain just feels way to crowded. It’s also a great way to let the day really soak in so you remember it better.

Wanderlusting in Madrid

Make days to do NOTHING!

This kind of relates to my last post but a little deeper this especially relates to going to museums. I went to multiple museums everyday for about 3 days and I honestly think it was too much stimulation for me. So now I’ve decided I’m not gonna go to museums 2 days in a row it’s good to split it up or you don’t really remember the art your seeing. There’s nothing wrong with making a day to just chill zone out watch Netflix or stay in.

Stretch even a little everyday

Make it a point to stretch everyday, so many people travel go out dancing, drinking, walking all day and they forget to stretch which can take a huge toll on your body later. I try to do a little bit of stretching in the morning when I first wake up I mean even just 10 mins of it is so good and helps clear your mind for the day.

Don’t bring the extra stuff

Don’t bring the extra stuff even if you think you need it. When I packed I brought that extra dress or extra pair of pants and guess what I’m shipping most of it back it’s just too much stuff since I’m moving around so much also because of the weather changes. Another great reason don’t you want to buy your clothes while your traveling? It’s amazing to say you bought these pair of shoes from Paris France? Right? I’ve definitely learned the hard way I’ve already shopped 2 boxes back full of mainly clothes. It honestly feels good to be light and minimal and who cares if you wear the same shirt again, your on the road it’s worth it to pack light.

Pack a blanket and towel

Pack a small blanket and a towel “just in case”. My mom bought one of those airplane blankets at goodwill for like a dollar and it’s perfect because it’s pretty warm and it folds up really small. It helped me soooooo much on my plane ride over to Barcelona I couldn’t even imagine not having it with me. I also used it when there weren’t enough sheets at my Airbnb just as a cover and it really helped me stay extra warm. These blankets are perfect for traveling! Also a towel is always useful just in case your not provided with a towel or your other one is wet or you just wanna go to the beach I didn’t think I needed it but I’m glad I brought it.

Well that’s all I got! Will add more if I can think of anything. Feel free to let me know if you have any other great advice. I’m still new to traveling/working solo/remotely. :)

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